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Exceptional purity levels & oil content! So whether it’s cold-pressing oil extraction or retail distribution you’re interested in… Whatever your requirements are, let our organic black cumin seeds elevate your business to new heights!

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Nigella Sativa Wholesale

Yes! Experience the historic legacy of Nigella sativa’s illustrious black seeds. Also known as black caraway, black cumin seeds & kalonji. A heritage established by Ancient Egyptian Monarchs. Enduring the test of time to our freshly harvested crop!

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Harvested by Seasoned Black Cumin Seeds Wholesale Farmers

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Black Cumin Seeds Bulk

Upgrade your Black Cumin Seed product range with premium Nigella sativa oil content & top-manufacturer purity techniques. And absolutely NO added vegetable oil!

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Explore the Medicinal Nigella sativa

Learn more about the prestigious Nigella sativa. One of the most revered therapeutic seeds ever known! Yes! From it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-microbial, renal protective & hepatoprotective properties… Along with it’s abundant sources of all the essential fatty-acids… And it’s incredible effects on auto-immune disorders… Is there an illness this elite nutraceutical cannot alleviate or abate?


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    Black Seed Wholesale

    Organic Black Cumin Seeds Wholesale Supplier

    Spicy Aromatic Notes | Soothing Therapeutic Satisfaction

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    So Simply Select Your Black Seed Quantity

    Convenient Quantities

    So, whether you’re a start-up or SME… Or you simply need a sample quantity – let’s arrange an MOQ that’s works for you. But obviously larger quantities are more value for money. So why not scale-up to tonnes & see how price competitive we can be.

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    Then select Your Purity Level

    Filter Impurities away by Gravity

    Historically, the removal of impurities (or admixture) from freshly harvested wholesome crop has always been an issue. So much so, that you’ll probably find bits of farm debris reaching the end consumer is some cases… Even today. But at PRESTIGE | PROVISIONS that’s simply not good enough! So enter the Gravity Separator Machine! This rather expensive bit of kit is pretty much a huge electric sieve that vibrates the impurities away!

    Reach Up To 99.5% Purity With Sortex

    But if purity by gravity is still not enough! Then upgrade your Black Cumin Seed product range with up to 99.5% purity by sortex. Yes! Enhance your purity with even more removal of foreign materials. So procure consistent quality in uniform batches.

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    Then Choose Your Packaging

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    Packaged in Polypropylene Shipping Bales. Yes! The choice is totally yours. So why not opt for industry standard, lighter density polypropylene? But why? Well these bales are resistant to absorbing moisture. As well as being waterproof. Also an economical weight saver!

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    Packaged in Kraft Paper Shipping Bales. Yes! Coming from the German word ‘Kraft’ . Literally meaning ‘Force’ or ‘Strength’ . So Kraft-paper is no exception! This durable packaging option, containing highly-oriented fibers offers better protection than many other packing materials. Why? Simple. It’s superior durability, tear-resistant texture & flexibility makes Kraft paper a global packaging leader! And all that without mentioning it’s super-light-weighted-ness! So convenient for keeping shipping costs down. 

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