So, as the world becomes less trusting of the pharmaceutical industry. And more inclined to natural supplements and remedies… At the forefront of which is the incredible oil of the blessed black seed! With all it’s academically supported benefits for human health and immunity! So it’s only natural to ask, “are there any black seed oil benefits for your face?. Isn’t your face your most personal feature of emotion, youth, attraction, well-being and identity? Furthermore, isn’t it worth doing that extra bit of research to discover one of the best ways to keep your face skin healthy?

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So even if you already have a face food skin-care routine, don’t be naive and limit yourself and ignore the treasures of this elite herbal nutraceutical! Rather let’s explore and learn more! So PRESTIGE | PROVISIONS prestigiously presents to you revitalizing face skin health in a natural case… This is: Black seed Oil Benefits For Your Face…

“…A Healthy Face Product of a Herbal-Taste!”

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Contents Table – Black Seed Oil Benefits for Your Face Article

So What Is Black Cumin Seed Oil?

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Hold-on!? Isn’t it black seed oil? Yes! Exactly! But black cumin oil and black cumin seed oil are also widely-used terms for black seed oil. Furthermore, the blessed black seed has a wider-range of names such as:

  • Habbatus Sauda. Meaning, ‘black seed’, in Arabic-english transliteration.
  • Kalonji (from hindi-urdu).

It’s actually very important, when advertising and marketing your black seed oil to select the name which most corresponds to your target audience. This way they’ll know what your trying to sell them straight away. So check out our section on, ‘Naming the Blessed Black Seed’, for more names.

two wodden spoons with black seeds in them - black seed oil for your face article - prestige provisions
black seed oil benefits for your face.

As for what is ‘black cumin seed oil’ or ‘black seed oil’, then it’s exactly that! That is, the rich oil extracted from black seeds. But if you want a more in-depth and academic description then switch over to our section on, ‘what really is black seed oil’.

But before we get into ‘black seed oil benefits for your face’… Let’s cover an extremely important issue. One many may take for granted! Or simply ignore! Or look for guidance in the wrong places in regards to it. So what is it…!?

Importance of Having Healthy Face Skin Naturally

pimple under skin image - black seed oil benefits for your face article - prestige provisions
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Firstly, let’s look closely at what face skin really is to assist us in understanding it’s great importance to our health and well-being.

So What Is Skin Generally & Face Skin Specifically?

Your Skin In A General Sense

So let’s take the general to begin. Thereafter we can get real-specific with your face skin. So, did you know that skin is known as your bodies’ largest organ? That’s right! However, new scientific research challenges this claim with the interstitium. Nevertheless, the skin of an average fully-grown adult is said to weigh approximately 10.8 KG on average! That’s 10,800 grams! Furthermore, and along with it’s appendages (accessory structures) – like nails, hair, glands and nerves – skin is part of the Integumentary system. Which acts as a physical barrier between your insides and the external environment that constantly surrounds you. Additionally, the integumentary system is said to make-up of about 15% of total body weight!

integumentary system - depicting different layers of skin
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Also, skin along with the hair acts as protection from harmful ultra-violet radiation. Furthermore, skin not only waterproofs the body… But it also cushions the body and protects the body from infection. So, your skin acts as an initial line of defense against viruses (like the reported corona virus SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19), bacteria and other microbes. Moreover, the integumentary system as a whole regulates the bodies temperature whilst excreting waste.

So how important is all that to you?!

Your Face Skin

surface zoom in with linear light effect
black seed oil benefits for your face.

So as is known in everyday life face skin differs somewhat to bodily skin, right?

No – Prove it!

Okay, what about the fact that retailers sell face creams as completely separate products to body creams?


Okay, need something more compelling? So what about the fact that some topical treatments can cause bad reactions on your face but not your bodily skin? Wouldn’t that indicate to a difference between the two types of skin?


Ok! Let’s get real-scientific! So face skin and the skin on the rest of your body do have fundamental differences for example:

Firstly, thinness of your face skin.
different layers of skin comparison - black seed oil benefits for your face article - prestige provisions
black seed oil benefits for your face.

So have you observed that your face skin is generally thinner than the skin on the rest of your body? Right? Go ahead – feel it! Especially, your face skin surrounding your eyes. But why? Well, there is reportedly a thinner layer of fat under your face skin. So you’ve probably noticed that wrinkles are more prominent on a persons neck and face skin.

Secondly, the minuteness of your face skin cells

So your face skin cells are generally smaller than your bodily skin cells. And that’s that.

Thirdly, the sheer amount of hair follicles in your face skin.
skin layers with different numbers of hairs
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Yes! That’s right! But it may not be so obvious that there are more hair follicles on your face skin than your bodily skin. All depending on the person of course. But this is when your face skin is compared to a similar surface area of your bodily skin. Nevertheless, the hair on your face is very fine, even though the density of hair follicles is comparatively more. Furthermore, it’s imperative to avoid clogging up your follicles as this may lead to acne and pimples.

Finally, the number of oil glands

So you may have already observed that your face skin tends to become more oilier than the skin on your body. This relates to the number of oil glands in your face skin. The number of which have been reported as being a lot more than on your face skin. Furthermore, they’ve been recorded as having anti-microbial properties. And even assist in healing your facial skin.

Healthy Face Skin, Naturally!

different coloured layers
black seed oil benefits for your face.

So as we’ve established, your facial skin is somewhat different to your bodily skin. Therefore, there are specific sensitivities that you should consider for your skin, generally. And for your face skin specifically. For instance, over-cleansing your face skin can cause your skin to be stripped of beneficial natural lubricants. This may even cause your face skin to go into over-drive and produce more of these lubricants or natural oils in order to compensate the deficit.

Other issues can arise when you use chemically manufactured facial creams or lotions. So, without pointing the finger at any specific corporations… Understand that all businesses have goals!

laboratory tubes - black seed oil benefits for your face article
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Can you think of any common, logical goals they may have?

Some are even prepared to make products that would leave the consumer dependent upon it. Even to a small degree. For instance, a lip balm or cream that causes your lips to become over-whelming chapped or dry when you don’t use it. Hmmm… get the drift?! But were you to use an all natural product – like black seed oil – without suspect chemicals you wouldn’t have the same adverse effects!

Other examples are easy to envision.


Ok. So simply look at the ingredients list of a commonly used face skin cream that’s manufactured using chemicals. Then research those different E-numbers (etc) and see what their purposes are. You’ll probably find different functions. Such as to preserve the cream or lotion etc. All of which alludes to…

Companies giving precedence to profits at the expense of health benefits and possible cost of side-effects to the consumer (hidden or apparent, short-term or long-term side-effects or both)!!

two injection syringes on white surface - black seed oil benefits for your face article
black seed oil benefits for your face.
So all of this amplifies the importance of having healthy face skin naturally

…And not taking risks with your face skin! So ask yourself… Does it get any more natural than virgin cold-pressed black seed oil?

So now – without further ado – let’s look into academic research to discover black seed oil benefits for your face!

academic research containers
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Black Seed Oil Benefits For Your Face

So as you may already be aware, black seed oil has been proven to have an amazing plethora of benefits. Such as, but not limited to:

  • Anti-viral. Also described as, effectively treating viruses.
different types of bacteria in different colours - black seed oil benefits for your face
black seed oil benefits for your face.
  • Nephroprotective. Or protecting against diseases of the stomach. Also meaning, to preserve kidney function.

So let’s now answer the question of whether or not there are any Black Seed Oil Benefits For Your Face?

Black Seed Oil For Acne Before And After

stages of acne - black seed oil benefits for your face article
black seed oil benefits for your face.

So looking at an academic study published in a medical journal by Al-Harchan, let’s investigate black seed oil’s healing effects on acne…

What is Acne Vulgaris?

Firstly, the term ‘vugaris’ simply means ‘common’ in esoteric medical terms. So it’s really just, ‘common acne’! Thereafter, Acne (or pimples, spots or zits) is thought to be caused by hormonal changes. Which may affect as much as 99.5% of teenage boys and 83% of teenage girls respectively. And due to it’s complexities, acne presents a great challenge for the dermatologist (medical practitioner qualified to diagnose and treat disorders of the skin).

Allopathic Agents On Acne
three images of a stethoscope injection syringe and allopathic pills - black seed oil benefits for your face
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Secondly, modern allopathic medicine (science-based, modern medicine) have used different manufactured agents to tackle acne. Albeit under the suspect corporate objectives. For instance, manufactured anti-inflammatory, comedolytic agents, as well as antibiotics.

But would you expect these manufactured agents to be free from side-effects?! Therefore, an academic article (Dey et al, 2014), as recorded in the American Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Therapeutics concludes the following:

“…Also to minimize the side effects it is better to use herbal drugs than allopathic drugs…”

doctor with stethoscope in hand
black seed oil benefits for your face.

But now let’s look at the results and conclusions of the earlier academic study we mentioned. By way of which we can answer…

Does Black Seed Oil Help With Acne?

type of acne pimples - black seed oil for your face article - prestige provisions

So Al-Harchan’s study consisted of Eighty-one patients. Additionally & importantly, the study used Nigella sativa oil (or black seed oil) as natural herbal remedy in the face food treatment of acne vulgaris (aka common acne). So, after implementation of the black seed oil face-skin therapy (twice daily application), researchers were able to conclude the following impressive results:

papule acne diagram
black seed oil benefits for your face.
  • Firstly, there was an overall and significant reduction in the amount of pustules (larger pimples, filled with pus) and papules (skin-lesion, change in skin texture or colour) after just two months. But this was only for participants whom underwent the black seed oil face-skin therapy.
  • Secondly, response of the participants to the black seed oil face-skin therapy was ‘good’ in 58% of participants. And ‘moderate’ in 35% of participants. Contrary to a control group whom did not undergo the black seed oil face-skin therapy. But rather they took a control solution. So, the response to the control solution was only ‘good’ in 8% of participants. And ‘moderate’ in 34%.
  • Thirdly, patient satisfaction with the black seed oil face-skin therapy was ‘full satisfaction’ in 67% of participants. And ‘partial satisfaction’ in 28% of participants. Contrary to only ‘full satisfaction’ in 8% of participants of the control group. In fact the vast majority or 68% of control group participants reported ‘no satisfaction’.
pastule acne diagram
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Therefore researchers were able to deduce the following discovery that:

“The nigella sativa oil lotion has proved its efficacy as a topical therapy for acne vulgaris.”

Additionally, researchers reported black seed oil face-skin therapy as a, “natural plant extract, which lacks any side effects.”

So, most defiantly as the evidence proves, we can conclude that black seed oil does benefit your face! Especially, for any acne sufferers.

Black Seed Oil And Vitiligo

man suffering from vitiligo
black seed oil benefits for your face.

So, after establishing a very strong case for black seed oil’s acne treatment. And let’s face it, who doesn’t suffer from a little acne every now and then… So now, let’s look at vitiligo.

Vertiligo: An Autoimmune Disease Of The Skin

Firstly, as the sub-title (above) expresses, vertiligo is an autoimmune disease of the skin. But what exactly is an autoimmune skin disease?

So, an autoimmune skin disease (or disorder) consists of your body’s innate defence mechanisms attacking healthy cells in your body. Moreover, in vitiligo, the body attacks and destroys melanocytes of the skin. Melanocytes produce melanin and are responsible for darker pigmentation of skin. So, without this healthy process, pale white patches can appear on the skin. Normally visible on the face, neck and hands and where the skin creases.

Secondly, vitiligo is unfortunately a long-term autoimmune skin disorder. With subsequent mental health ramifications that transcend the skin. Furthermore, vitiligo, unfortunately is believed to have no absolute cure.

man suffering from vitiligo holding mobile phone
black seed oil benefits for your face.
How Many People Become Affected By Vitiligo?

So, vitiligo affects around:

Academic Research Results On Black Seed Oil As A Treatment For Vitiligo

So, let’s look into some academic literature in order to further scrutinize ‘black seed oil benefits for your face’. Albeit, as specified to vitiligo, an autoimmune disease.

Firstly, Ghorbanibirgani (et al, 2014) analysed the effect of black seed oil in comparison to fish oil on patients referred to a dermatology clinic, who were sufferers of vitiligo. So, the results concluded:

  • Both fish oil and black seed oil were effective in reduction the size of patient’s vitiligo lesions. However, black seed oil was noticeably more effective in comparison to the fish oil.
capsules and pills - black seed oil benefits for your face
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Therefore, researchers recommended using black seed oil as an additional medication when treating vitiligo.

man suffering from vitiligo on ladder
black seed oil benefits for your face.

Secondly, in a recent study, Sarac (et al, 2019) investigated the effectiveness of topical (applied on the skin) black seed oil treatment on vitiligo patients. So a total of 47 effected areas were examined. Moreover, the patients’ hands, faces, and genital regions were treated with black seed oil. Furthermore, treatment frequency was two times a day for 6 months.

Amazingly, the results showed significant re-pigmentation in all affected areas. Including the face. Therefore, researchers proposed black seed oil to be used as an adjuvant therapy in treating vitiligo.

Conclusion: Are There Really Black Seed Oil Benefits For Your Face?

So there we are… Once again academic research proves… That black seed oil does benefit your face. And other areas of your bodily skin too. Even for those suffering from vitiligo! Yes! The black is far from a no-go! Additionally, with it’s excellence coming with little to no side-effects… We should ask ourselves… What illness doesn’t black seed oil cure..? Or at least alleviate? So if you know, then us know in the comments. Also why not give us some feedback on this article below? Or maybe you have even more info on our topic of discussion: Black Seed Oil Benefits For Your Face.

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black seed oil benefits for your face.

Finally, this is your opportunity to benefit from our prestigious black seed oil. Wholesale. Or Retail. So, don’t deprive yourself of black seed oil benefits for your face. Or maybe your a budding entrepreneur looking for a lucrative deal with us. Whatever the case may be why not engage with us:


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