Vegan Black Seed Oil Capsules

Yes! Go 100% Vegan with our raw, virgin cold-pressed black seed oil in plant-based edible capsules. Suitable for a range of dietary requirements. Also suitable for everyone that finds it easier to pop-a-pill or a few capsules. So spread the ease & accommodate convenience.

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Soft-Gel Black Seed Oil Capsules Bulk

So unlike hard-shell capsules, our soft-gel black seed oil capsules are pioneered to make swallowing effortless. That’s right! Our Non-GMO 500mg soft-gel cold-pressed black seed oil capsules are soft enough to swallow without even chewing!

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Easy-To-Swallow Succulent soft-gel supplements

Bulk Cold pressed Black Seed Oil Capsules

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So with our loose option you simply buy our cold-pressed black seed oil capsules in bulk. That’s it! Therefore, you can get creative with your own packaging.

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Or With Bottles

So choose this option & we’ll take care of packaging your black seed oil capsules. Simply let us know how many capsules you need per capsule bottle… Black seed oil capsule container is another way of referring to them.

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Amazing Black Seed Oil Benefits

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White Label

So, if you already have branding arrangements set-up. And you are happy to purchase our black seed oil capsules & their bottles… Then white labeling is the option for you!

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Or Private Label

So choose private label… And let us take care of branding your black seed oil capsule bottles for you. Also you can count on us for advice on dimensions & aesthetics. As well as facts you may want for marketing purposes.

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