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Buy Wholesale Grade A Yemeni Sidr Honey From Fertile Valleys of Hadramaut

Discover Life’s Luxuries from a Yemeni Sidr Honey Legacy! Yes! Reach new heights with our authentic Yemeni Sidr Honey delivered directly to your door.

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Purchase Raw White Honey Wholesale From Mountainous Regions Of Kyrgyzstan

Choose between our selection of Cotton or Sainfoin Kyrgyzstani Honey. Each with it’s own mouth-watering taste. So simply inquire now for succulent raw white honey that delights with every mouthful. Select our extra creamy pure white honey wholesale from Kyrgyzstan today. Also known as Holy Hay Honey.

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wholesale white sainfoin honey from kyrgyzstan - prestige provisions

Premium Egyptian Honey For Bulk Sale 

Simply select from our therapeutic thyme honey, sidr honey, clover honey, caraway honey, banana honey, marjoram honey, citrus honey and even our prestigious honey known as black seed honey.

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So at PRESTIGE PROVISIONS we constantly aim to deliver the highest possible standards. Also we are continually looking for ways to improve our wholesale services to our prestigious clientele. Whether that be by way of our products. Or by way of the services we provide. But don’t just take our word for it. Rather, have a read of some of our latest feedback below!

Armein from Saint-Andiol (France)

Excellent Quality… Better Than Other Suppliers… Very Good”

Ecommerce Website Owner and Seller 


White Mountain Honey From Kyrgyzstan

Mediterranean Herb & Black Seed Honey

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Muhammad from lyon (France)

“Very good Black Cumin Honey

Businessman and Honey Seller 


mediterranean herb & Black Seed honey 




Wholesale Honey Inquiry

    So Check Out The World’s Top Honey Importers:

    Importing Country


    United States of America (USA)

    $404 Million


    $244 Million


    $138 Million


    $129 Million

    United Kingdom (UK)

    $121 Million

    Firstly, honey is a known energizer. Also it is known and valued by the world’s masses. Furthermore, honey has been used medicinally for healing purposes for centuries.

    Secondly, honey is generally a safe and wholesome food. For instance, honey can be consumed by not only adults but also by children and the elderly too.

    Thirdly, honey is highly nutritious. For example, honey has vitamin and mineral traces. Additionally, honey contains antioxidants which eliminate free-radicals and can delay ageing.

    Finally, modern research as shown honey to aid in the treatment and prevention of the following conditions:

    • Osteoporosis. So this condition is a disease of the bones. Therein bones become weak or even break from falls or even sneezing. This is due to the body loosing too much bone mass or producing too little. 
    • Advanced cases of bone and stomach cancer.
    • Healing wounds. Amazingly, honey also is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. So, all these therapeutic properties make honey ideal for wound healing. Additionally, honey has a high sugar content which aids inhibition of micro-organism growth. Also, honey has a low water content which aids wounds to dry effectively. Finally, when honey contacts a dry surface it produces a disinfectant called hydrogen peroxide. So further aiding the wound-healing process.

    So here are brief descriptions and benefits of just some of our prestigious honey:

    Name of Wholesale Honey

    Description and Brief Summary of Benefits

    Yemeni Sidr Honey from Hadramaut, Yemen (also spelt Hadramout)



    Exported from the fertile desert region of Hadramout, Yemen in the southern Arabian Peninsula… Yemen Sidr Honey is by far from the world’s best, most famous and prestigious honey.


    Additionally, the large land area of Hadramaut is some 193,032 km². But Hadramout not only boasts a large portion of Yemen’s total 527.968 km²… But also, a strong presence of the Sidr Tree is found in Hadramaut, Yemen.


    Thus, it’s no surprise that Hadramout, Yemen is a world leader in the production of Sidr Honey. With even it’s valleys now becoming more and more famous.


    For instance, the valleys Wadi Dawan (or Wadi Do’an), Wadi Ayn (or Wadi ‘Ayn) and Wadi Ahmed (or Wadi Ahmad) are from the valleys in which Yemeni Sidr Honey is produced.


    Brief Summary of Benefits:


    Regulates blood pressure.

    Antibacterial agent.

    Accelerates healing.

    Inhibits metrorrhagia. This illness entails bleeding of the uterine at irregular intervals.

    Helps fight against bedwetting and incontinence.

    Increases and stabilizes the hemoglobin level.

    Source of energy.

    Treats infantile diarrhea, dysentery.

    Heartburn relief.

    White Sainfoin Honey from Kyrgyzstan



    Secondly, sainfoin honey is known for its creamy white appearance. As well as its succulent and soothingly chewy texture. So, it’s no surprise it’s considered first class in many European countries. Furthermore, sainfoin honey from Kyrgyzstan is from the most popular types of white honey sold in Europe. Additionally, sainfoin honey’s beneficial properties are numerous. For instance:


    Brief Summary of Benefits:


    Natural sugar substitute.

    Anti-microbial agent. So, this means stopping the growth of micro-organisms that can be harmful to the body. Or eliminating them completely!  

    Anti-bacterial agent. Likewise, this means stopping the growth or eliminating bacteria.

    Anti-inflammatory agent. Meaning sainfoin honey assists in the reduction of inflammation (swelling). 


    So here are some alternative key words for our honey:


    Name of Honey

    Alternative Keyword Terms (or Names)

    Yemeni Sidr Honey

    Yemeni Honey

    Wholesale Yemeni Sidr Honey

    Sidr Honey From Hadramout

    Hadramy Mountain Sidr honey

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    Hadramaut Honey

    Wholesale Sidr Honey

    Sidr Honey From Yemen

    Lote Tree honey

    Jujube Honey

    Sidr Honey From Hadramaut

    Yemeni Jujube Honey

    Royal Jujube Honey

    Jujube Honey

    Yemeni Sumur Honey

    Wholesale Yemeni Sumur Honey

    Sumur Honey

    Yemeni Sal Honey

    Wholesale Yemeni Sal Honey

    Yemeni Saal Honey

    Wholesale Yemeni Saal Honey

    White Honey Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan Honey

    Kyrgyz honey

    White honey from Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan mountain honey

    White Sainfoin Honey Kyrgyzstan

    Wholesale Honey Kyrgyzstan

    Wholesale White Honey Kyrgyzstan

    Sainfoin Honey Kyrgyzstan

    Cotton Honey

    White Mountain Honey Kyrgyzstan

    Wholesale White Honey

    Wholesale Kyrgyz honey

    Raw White Honey

    Wholesale Cotton Honey

    Sainfoin Honey Kyrgyzstan

    Pure White Honey

    Natural White Honey

    Wholesale White Honey

    Cotton Honey Kyrgyzstan

    Egyptian Wild-Plants and Honey Known as Black Seed Honey

    Black Seed Honey

    عسل حبة البركة بالجملة

    عسل حبوب البركة بالجملة

    Wholesale Black Seed Honey

    Black Seed Oil and Honey

    عسل حبة البركة

    عسل حبوب البركة

    Wholesale Black Seed Oil and Honey

    Black Seed Honey and Oil

    Habbatul Barakah Honey

    Black Seed Honey Amazon

    Black Seed Sidr Honey

    Habbatus Sauda Honey

    عسل حبة السوداء

    عسل حبوب السوداء

    Egyptian Thyme Honey

    Thyme Honey

    Thyme & Honey

    Raw Thyme Honey

    Wholesale Wild Thyme Honey

    Wild Thyme Honey

    Honey & Thyme

    Wholesale Thyme Honey

    Wholesale Raw Thyme Honey

    Egyptian Sidr Honey

    Sidr Honey Egypt

    Egyptian Caraway Honey

    Honey and Cumin

    Caraway Honey

    Cumin Honey

    Cumin and Honey for Weight Loss

    Wholesale Caraway Honey

    Wholesale Cumin Honey

    Cumin and Honey

    Egyptian Clover Honey

    Clover Honey

    Clover Blossom Honey

    Kirkland Clover Honey

    Kegunaan Clover Honey (clover honey uses)

    Egyptian Citrus Honey

    Citrus Honey

    Wholesale Citrus Honey

    Orange Honey

    Honey and Orange

    Tangerine Honey

    Honey and Tangerine

    Lemon Honey

    Honey and Lemon

    Egyptian Banana Honey

    Banana Honey

    Banana and Honey

    Egyptian Marjoram Honey

    Marjoram Honey

    Prestige Provisions are selling honey wholesale now! So buy our different types of honey now. For instance our sidr honey wholesale!