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Yes! Olive oil’s creamy lather effect aids deep moisturization of the skin! So just choose our premium grade or special grade. And entice your customers with our elite mediterranean soap!

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Coconut Oil Soap Wholesale

Bolster your product range with natural coconut oil soap. 

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Stand out from your competition with a prestigious blend of elite oils. Including, black seed oil, coconut oil & olive oil!

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Flax Seed Oil & Honey Soap Wholesale

Amaze your customers with this premiere blend of natural honey and flax seed oil. Fused together in soothing soap.

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Accentuate your product range with sensational sesame oil soap. Made with pressed sesame seed oil.

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    So what is cold process soap?

    Firstly, cold process soap making or CP consists of mixing a solution of sodium hydroxide or Iye (NaOH) and water with oils or fats. Thereafter, this mixture is poured into a mould and left to saponify or become soap. This phase can take as much as 48hrs.

    Finally, curation of the soap occurs. Whereby water slowly evaporates. And the sodium hydroxide is used up in the breakdown of oils. Thereby producing an exquisite and aesthetically attractive bar of cold process soap.