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    Lasting Legacy:

    So are you looking for a natural remedy with a lasting legacy? Yes! Amazingly, for thousands of years Black Seed Oil (or Black Cumin Oil) has been a natural medicine for a variety of illnesses. So here’s our seriously cold-pressed and pure Syrian Black Seed Oil (1 litre). Produced from premium Syrian Black Seeds. Cultivated in fertile Syrian pastures, located on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Asia.


    Syrian Black Seed Oil Suggested Usage:

    Syrian Black Seed Oil as a Food Supplement:

    • Firstly, for oral use, consume one or half a teaspoon of our Syrian Black Seed Oil daily or twice a day with warm water.

    • Secondly, our Syrian Black Seed oil can also be consumed with your favourite herbal tea or honey. Remember to mix thoroughly.

    • Finally, we recommend our premium Syrian Black Seed Oil be used as supplementary to a balanced diet. So, not as a substitute entirely.

    Also please note: This product is not recommended for pregnant women or children under the age of 5. Likewise make sure you consult a qualified health professional before you start or stop taking any new supplement. Also for optimal storage, store in a dry and cool location. Generalbest before’ time periods are 2 years.

    Syrian Black Seed Oil For Topical Use (applied to the skin):

    • Firstly, massage our Syrian Black Seed Oil onto the affected area.

    • So this area maybe areas of cracked or dried skin. Therefore, our Syrian Black Seed Oil can be used to restore your skin to a healthier moisturized condition.

    • Additionally, our Syrian Black Seed Oil can be massaged into the hair and scalp.

    • So this may be used alongside olive oil, coconut oil or even castor oil to combat dandruff and dry scalp.

    So here’s more ELIXIR | DETAILS for our prestigious Syrian Black Seed Oil:



    Ingredients: 100% Syrian Black Seed Oil from the seeds of the Nigella sativa (N. sativa).

    Item Form:

    Liquid (1000ml / 1 litre / 33.814 / FL OZ ).

    Material Feature:

    Halal. Vegan. Vegetarian. Gluten-Free. Corn-Free. Wheat-Free. Soya-Free. Dairy-Free. No Additives. 

    Container Type:

    2x 500ml Black Seed Oil Bottles. (1 litre total amount)

    Country of Origin:

    Premium black seeds from Syria.

    Benefits of Syrian Black Seed Oil:

    So as Syrian Black Seed Oil (also Syrian Black Cumin Oil) becomes more known in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland) you may be wondering what is all the buzz about? So if you weren’t already aware… Both current and historic academic research into black seed oil has discovered many prestigious benefits. 

    Firstly, a recent academic paper quotes a component contained within Syrian Black Seed Oil (Thymoquinone or TQ) as:

    Holding the promise to help treat people infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19) by:

    • Inhibiting its rapid increase.
    • Eliminating the bacteria associated with pneumonia.
    Secondly, other recent academic research has attested black seed oil to be:
    • Antiviral. Also described as, effectively treating viruses.
    • Anti-mutagenic. Also meaning, to reduce the rate of mutation in the body. Mutations can lead to cancer.
    • Antibacterial. Meaning protective against harmful bacteria.
    • Anti-inflammatory. Also described as effective in reducing swelling. As well as pain.
    • Analgesic (pain-reliving).
    • Antioxidant. Meaning, inhibiting oxidation. Which can lead to human cell damage.
    • Wound healing.
    • Gastroprotective. Or protecting against diseases of the stomach.
    • Hepatoprotective. So this means, preventing liver damage.
    • Nephroprotective. Also meaning, to preserve kidney function.
    • Neuroprotective. So this means, preventing death of nerve cell.
    • Antiepileptogenic. Also meaning, to inhibit the development of epilepsy.
    • Anticonvulsant. So this means, treating epileptic seizures. Specifically, preventing the spread of seizures within the brain.
    • Anti-fungal. Also meaning, to eliminate harmful fungi that are harmful to humans. Especially those with already weakened immune systems.
    • Anti-microbial. So this means, eliminating and stopping the growth of harmful microbes.
    • Radioprotection. Also meaning, to protect humans from damaging radiation.
    • Immunomodulatory. In other words, important as part of immunotherapyin which immune responses are induced, amplified, attenuated, or prevented according to therapeutic goals.

    Historical Research into Black Seed Oil:

    Black seeds come from the flower of the Nigella sativa (N. sativa). This plant has been referred to as the ‘miracle herb’. A name even modern academics continue to use in reference to it. So black seed oil is derived from black seeds through a cold-pressing process. Furthermore, black seed oil has historically been used and recommended to remedy illnesses related to:

    Some Essential Components Of black cumin oil:

    So as you’ve already seen above, black seed oil has an impressive wealth of therapeutic benefits. But that’s not all this premium E L I X I R has to offer. Yes, the list goes on! So here’s some essential components and minerals of the blessed black seed:

    Vitamin A.
    • So not only does vitamin A aid in maintaining healthy immunity. But also, vitamin A aids healthy vision. As well as assisting in lowering the risks in certain forms of cancer. For instance, lung and bladder cancer.
    • Likewise, vitamin A aids in reducing your risk of developing acne. Additionally, vitamin A assists in maintaining healthy bones. Furthermore, vitamin A is key in preserving healthy reproduction. Both in females and males. Especially in aiding the development of healthy embryos.
    • Essentially, vitamin A is involved in the development of the unborn child’s major organs. This includes the skeleton, heart and eyes. As well as the nervous system, pancreas and lungs.
    Vitamin C.
    • Firstly, vitamin C is also known as ascorbate and ascorbic acid. Secondly, from the important functions vitamin C is involved in is the production of collagen. So this is a major function as collagen accounts for approximately one-third of human protein composition.
    • Therefore, vitamin C is required for building healthy muscles, tendons and skin. As well as building healthy bones and ligaments.
    • Additionally, vitamin C is involved in the healing of wounds. Also the maintenance and repair of teeth, cartilage and bones.
    • Finally, a recent study has shown a daily dosage of vitamin C can prevent forms of cataracts.
    • So iron aids in preserving many important human body functions. From these are, the human body temperature, digestive system and immune system.
    • So calcium is needed for maintaining healthy and strong bones. Likewise, our hearts, muscles and nerves also require calcium to function correctly.
    • As one of the most important minerals in our bodies potassium aids multiple bodily functions. For instance, potassium helps to regulate muscle contractions and nerve signals.
    • As another essential mineral in our bodies, zinc is very important. For instance, zinc is important to how we heal from wounds. Likewise, zinc is beneficial to our metabolic function and immunity.
    • So copper, just like iron, is involved in forming red blood cells. Additionally, copper aids in maintaining healthy blood vessels. As well as healthy nerves, bones and immune function.
    • So as it’s already known, carbohydrates are our bodies major energy source.
    Fiber (also spelt Fibre).
    • So fiber can assist in achieving an overall healthy weight. Therefore, improving overall immunity and general health. Additionally, fibre is necessary for normal bowel movements. Thus, fibre assists in maintaining general bowel health. Likewise, fiber aids in decreasing overall cholesterol levels. Finally, fibre can assist in controlling levels of blood sugar.
    • Also spelt thiamin and also known as vitamin B1. This essential compound has an important role in our nerve, heart and muscle functions. Whilst it also aids our bodies to use carbohydrates as energy.
    • Also referred to as vitamin B6. So this elite vitamin has been associated with promoting the health of the brain. As well as reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
    • Additionally, vitamin B6 is a known treatment for nausea (morning sickness) for pregnant women.
    • So generally alkaloids are basic naturally occurring organic compounds. Also between them, they possess a wide range of beneficial activities. Such as:
    1. Anticancer. Also know as anticarcinogen or carcinopreventive agent. So this amazing function can counteracts the effects of a carcinogen or even inhibits the development of cancer altogether.
    2. Antimalarial. So this activity indicates to preventing or treating malaria. Which is a life threatening disease.
    3. Antiasthma. So this function relives or counteracts the symptoms of asthma.
    4. Antiarrhythmic. Likewise this activity can assist in treating and even preventing abnormal heartbeats.
    5. Analgesic. Also here, this function focuses on pain-relief.
    6. Antibacterial. So here the aim is defending against and eliminating harmful bacteria.
    7. Antihyperglycemic. Finally, this activity is focused on lowering glucose levels in the blood.

    Some examples of alkaloids present in black seed oil, include:


    Additionally, black seeds contain a substance named alpha-hederin. Which is attested by academics to be a potential anti-cancer.

    As you’ve read, this truly is from the highest class of nature’s blend of Black Seed Oil!! So the question isn’t so much:

    What does Syrian Black Seed Oil Cure?

    Rather the question is more:

    What doesn’t Syrian Black Seed Oil Cure?

    Important Compounds contained in Black Seed Oil:

    So the following compounds are main areas of research into the blessed black cumin seed or black seed and it’s oil.


    • So, thymoquinone or TQ is the most prominent compound of black cumin seeds (black seeds). Likewise it is the most prominent compound of black cumin seed oil (black seed oil).
    • Additionally to being the most prominent compound. TQ is arguably the most beneficial compound in black cumin oil (black seed oil). Verily, academics refers to Thymoquinone (TQ):

    “Thymoquinone: an emerging natural drug with a wide range of medical applications…”

    • Likewise, TQ is the compound with the most research behind it. As researchers attest:

    “The clinically relevant and most studied active constituent of Nigella sativa is TQ.”

    • So, here’s a brief account of some of the amazing benefits of TQ: Firstly, TQ has been reported as having an antiviral effect. Thus showing it’s influence in treating viral infections. Secondly, TQ has been concluded as having an antibacterial effect. This indicates to TQ’s importance in slowing down the growth-rate and/or even eliminating. Thirdly, TQ has been recorded as having an anti-inflammatory effect. So here, TQ is influential in reducing pain and swelling (inflammation). Fourthly, TQ has been reported as having an immunomodulatory effect. Also known as biological therapy. This demonstrates TQ’s effectiveness in the treatment of disease. By way of it’s activity in the immune response.
    • Researchers have also proclaimed that the:

    “individual actions of all four of these aforementioned effects as crucial in efforts aimed at overcoming the new coronavirus (Covid-19).”


    • Firstly, Thymohydroquinone, after TQ is the second most prominent compounds of black cumin seeds (black seeds). Also black seed oil.
    • Secondly, Thymohydroquinone. Also known as THQ has been recorded as possessing:

    “diverse biological activities.


    So another beneficial compound found in black cumin seeds (black seeds) is Thymol or THY. Also academic research has found thymol to possess the following beneficial properties:

    • Antibacterial. Or fighting against harmful bacteria.
    • Anti-fungal. Meaning to eliminate harmful fungi.
    • Anti-oxidant. Meaning, inhibiting chemical reactions which can cause healthy human cells to become damaged.
    • Antiphlogistic. So this refers to anti-inflammatory function. However, it can also refer to reducing fever.
    • Radioprotective. So this amazing property refers to protecting human tissue from harmful radiation.
    • Analgesic. Or pain-reliving.
    • Wound-healing.
    • Anti-microbial. So this refers to, eliminating micro-organisms.
    • Anti-mutagenic. Some forms of mutation can be harmful to humans. So an anti-mutagenic agent aids to reduce the rate of mutation.

    Syrian Black Seed Oil Advisory information:

    So in the case you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medical observation, please consult a qualified healthcare worker before use. Also be sure to store in a cool & dry place. Not recommended for children under 5. Also, keep out of the reach of children. Especially infants. All information provided is for educational purposes. Please note that food supplements, should not be used as a complete substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise.



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