So, as we live in times where immunity holds more and more value. Yes! Prevention is better than cure. But are we looking in the right places? So, ask yourself… Is the way forward for immunity only with modern medications? Haven’t people lived for eons way before prescriptions? Verily since the reported outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), the UK government alone has spent over £70bn. But should we rely solely on pharmaceutical inoculations and vaccines? Moreover, are there other more natural ways to safeguard your immunity? Indeed, the search is continuing for harnessing compounds from nature in fighting human illnesses!! Therefore, let’s explore an elixir trusted by the ancients! So even if your self-isolating! Just wrap-up! And brave the storm! Yes! PRESTIGE | PROVISIONS proudly presents: Black Seed Oil For Immunity…

…An old-age phenomenon for a new dawn!!
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Beautiful mountain view in article.

Black Seed Oil For Immunity!

So as you may already know the black cumin seed or black seed and it’s oil are very popular. Especially within various traditional systems of medicine. Furthermore, herbal medicines are seen by many as safer to use. This is in comparison to allopathic medicines. Or science-based, modern medicines. So the blessed black seed and it’s oil has been used to treat a range of different diseases. So let’s get into not just historic testimonials. But also modern academic research. Then we can decide whether ‘black seed oil for immunity’ is sound… Or just an old fairy-tale.

So check out our prestigious contents table below. This should aid you to navigate your way around…

Contents Table – Black Seed Oil For Immunity Article
nigella sativa flower for black seed oil
N. sativa – plant of Black Seed oil origin.

Firstly, before we get into understanding… The benefits of black seed oil… Especially in regards to immunity. Let’s understand… What really is black seed oil!!

So What Really is Black Seed Oil?

what really is black seed oil - prestige provisions
3D question marks in Black seed oil blog.

Firstly, black seed oil is the oil of black seeds. So black seed oil is extracted from the black seeds produced by the Nigella sativa plant. This herb is rated by academics as one of the top ranked evidence based herbal medicines. Secondly, the name Nigella comes from the older Latin term nigellus. Which means black. Thus, black seed and of course black seed oil. Also the Nigella sativa is known as N. sativa. So the N. sativa is a small annual plant belonging to the Ranunculaceae (Buttercup) family. And it produces tiny black seeds in it’s flower.

So what does it look like!?


Black-Eyed View: Seeds of the Nigella Sativa

nigella sativa plant - prestige provisions
Close-up image of Nigella sativa – plant of Black Seed Oil.

So, what do the N. sativa black seeds look like!?


Wait for it…

black seeds on a wooden spoon - prestige provisions
Black Seeds are used for Black Seed Oil Production.

As for the N. sativa itself then its’s a small shrub. Also the Nigella sativa’s flowers are delicate. Additionally, they are usually colored yellow, white, pale purple, pink or pale blue. With white or purple or even blueish-tinged petals. Ahhh! Beautiful right? So did you know the Nigella sativa also grows to between about half a foot to three feet (20-90cm apprx)? No? Okay. Also the N. sativa has wispy foliage. Also, the Nigella sativa’s fruit is like a capsule. So it’s these capsules that are filled with black seeds!

But what about it’s smell and taste?

Ok so… Additionally, the N. sativa’s black seeds has notes of oregano, black pepper. And even slightly aromatic in it’s taste! So surely you can imagine that the black seed aroma is pungent!

So What Does The Nigella Sativa Cure?

n. sativa plant - prestige provisions
Nigella sativa – plant of Black Seed Oil.

Nigella sativa seeds have been used for treating a variety of illness. For instance:

  • Bronchitis. Which is inflammation of the lining of your bronchial tubes. These are the tubes which carry air from and to our lungs.
  • Asthma. So in this illness breathing can become difficult. This is due to the narrowing of airways. Additionally, mucus may increase for some asthma sufferers.
  • Diarrhea. Which is the occurrence of watery or loose stools. This can cause dehydration.
  • Rheumatism. Also known as conditions which involve pain in joints. As well as connective tissue.
  • Skin Disorders.

So this ‘Miracle Herb’, (N. sativa) has also been used in other capacities of health. For example:

  • Liver Tonic.
  • Appetite Stimulant.
  • Emmenagogue. This is a substance that increases or stimulates menstrual flow.
  • Fighting parasitic infections.
  • Also increasing milk production in nursing mothers.
Cultivating The Nigella sativa

As for it’s cultivation. So the Nigella sativa is grown in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania (eastern Europe). Also, Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq (middle east and western Asia). But the N. sativa has also become established or naturalized over a much wider area. This area includes northern and east Africa (Ethiopia for example). But did you ever hear of the Nigella sativa being found in Myanmar (Burma)?

Yes even waaay over there!!

So imagine all these different locations where black seeds are grown! Then with that said, imagine the number of names black seeds have! Thus, it’s not surprising that black seeds from the N. sativa have many different names.

No.. Like seriously, check this out!

Naming the Blessed Black Seed!

world in matrix effect - prestige provisions
Amazing 2D map of the globe in Black seed oil blog.

Firstly, before we get into this friendly name calling! Have a guess! So go on! Just have a go and guess how many names there are for N. sativa’s black seeds?


habbatul baraka or habbat ul barakah or habet el baraka (حبة البركة) - prestige provision
image of Black Seeds before pressed into Black Seed Oil.- Black Seed Oil Article
Habbatul Baraka or Habbat ul barakah or Habet el baraka (حبة البركة) meaning “seed of blessing” in the Arabic language.
Habbah-as-sawda or Habatul sauda (حبة السوداء).
Schwarzkummel or Schwarzkuemmel or even Nigella Schwarzkümmel in Germany.
cörek otu in Turkey or cörek otu yagi for black seed oil.
Black Cumin.
Black Caraway.
Kalonji (from Hindi-Urdu).

Black Onion Seeds.

Roman Coriander.

Hak Jung Chou in China.




Black Sesame.

Nutmeg Flower.

Cheveux de vénus.

Cominho negro.

Comino negro.

Cumin noir.

Cyah dane or Siah-Daneh (Farsi).


Graine de nigelle.

Graine noire.


black seeds in a bowl - prestige provisions
Black Seeds in a white bowl on a rug in Black seed oil article.

kalajira la grainer noire.




Nigelle de crête.

Nigelle cultivée.


Siyah dane.


Small fennel.

Toute épice.




Kala Jeera (English Hebrew).

Black Jeera or Black Jira.



Panacea in Latin meaning “cure all”.

Fennel Flower (referring to the Nigella sativa plant itself).

black seeds in a jar - prestige provisions
Black Seeds in a jar in Black seed oil blog.

Woow over 40! So as you can see… There really are many different names for black seeds. Maybe this special herb is so dear to the hearts of different people from different places and ages that they all name it something new!

So maybe the name of:

black seed oil near me…

or even…

black cumin oil near me…

…is some new phrase entirely, near you!?

But do let us know in the comments section below ↓↓.

So does black seeds or black seed oil have special names near you!?

So before we dive into why Black Seed Oil is a way forward for immunity. Firstly, let’s delve back into Black Seed Oil’s ancient history!

Black Seed Oil: Ancient Herbal Origins!

castle on hill next to waterfall - prestige provisions
Breath-taking waterfall in Black Seed Oil blog.

That’s right! It’s time for DISCOVERY!! So let’s unearth the successful legacy of the Blessed Black Seed and it’s oil!!

Ancient Egyptian Black Seed Oil For Immunity

map of part of egypt for black seed oil for immunity blog
Egypt (One of the Countries for Modern Black Seed Oil Production) – Black Seed Oil Article.

Firstly and while we peak into the past. Let’s look at the influence of Black Seed Oil for immunity with ancient Egyptians!

Cleopatra and Her Organic Black Seed Oil For Immunity

spectacular graphic - prestige provisions
Decorative image in Black Seed Oil for immunity article.

Yes! Organic! The real deal! Way before the introduction of modern fertilisers. Before pesticides! And even harmful GMO’s. So you may already know Queen Cleopatra for not only being ancient Egypt’s last Pharaoh. But also for her many historic accomplishments. For example:

ship ashore at sunset - prestige provisions
Ship with masts safely ashore in Black seed oil for immunity article.

But did you know. Queen Cleopatra was also known to be a femme fatale! Say Whhaat!? Yes! In other words, Queen Cleopatra, was said to be gifted with irresistible charm. Also a sweet voice. And a stimulating presence. So, this was only enhanced by her beauty. Indeed, she was described as:

“A woman of surpassing beauty,”.

beautiful tree - prestige provisions
Elegant image of structure surrounded by beautiful trees in Black seed oil for immunity article.

So wasn’t Cleopatra distinguished for her attraction? But how did she maintain her good looks? Indeed, it’s reported that from her skin care routine ingredients was…

organic black seed oil!

Moreover it’s further reported that she used organic black seed oil in her baths. So, think… Why did she choose organic black seed oil for her skin’s beauty? Yes, safeguarding her skin’s immunity! Wasn’t she a queen with many worldly luxuries at her feet?

So what did she know about black seed oil?

black seed oil in glass - prestige provisions
Black Seeds and Black Seed Oil – in Black Seed Oil For Immunity Article.

What was SO AMAZING about the blessed black seed?

But nevertheless, with all her aesthetic attraction. When it comes to organic black seed oil… Queen Cleopatra was far from a trendsetter!! So let’s keep flowing with the fad!! Way back!! But how far?


Another thousand more years or so.

So let’s look into some more monarchs who revered organic black seed oil!

Once a upon a time ago!!

Nefertiti: The Beautiful Woman Has Come

beauty mirror - prestige provisions
Broken decorative mirror in Black seed oil for immunity article.

Yes! Enter Queen Nefertiti. Royal wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. So Queen of Ancient Egypt’s 18th Dynasty. Illustriously known as one of the most beautiful women in history!! Even in modern day, her legacy influences current cosmetics. But once again black seed oil shows its caliber!

So naturally, organic black seed oil was an important ingredient for Nefertiti. Especially Nefertiti’s hair care routine. For indeed scholarly works describe how Queen Nefertiti would use black seed oil to luster her nails. Also to give her hair radiance. Ideal for immunity from various ailments!

So what was it about organic black seed oil?

What was so cherished by this legendary Egyptian Queen?

black seed oil in glass container on table - prestige provisions
Black Seed Oil in a corked container. Which is next to an empty bottle – Black Seed Oil For Immunity Article.

Furthermore, did you know that Nefertiti was step-mother to arguably the world’s most famous Pharaoh? But who? Just guess… Or need a clue? So here’s a clue…

He was… Companion of the famous treasures a tomb!

Guessed who?

Treasures in the Tomb of Tutankhamun

ancient tomb - prestige provisions
Image of a tomb. Black seed oil for immunity article.

That’s right! Young Tutankhamun took the throne aged just nine years old. But it’s more so his death or his ancient tomb. Especially, it’s treasures that concerns us here.

But what about it..?

So check this out! Imagine multiple ancient chambers. Packed with treasures to the ceiling! Yes, from luxury clothes to antique weaponry. And even furniture and royal chariots. Well that’s what archaeologist Howard Carter (from Kensington, London, England, United Kingdom) found when he discovered Tutankhamun’s forgotten tomb. Even a 24 pound solid gold mask worth about $2million today was discovered. Now that’s treasure!! But do you know why these riches were found in a tomb? Yes! Remember it’s a tomb. Which in reality is a burial site.

royal chamber - black seed oil for immunity blog
Metal vault in Black seed oil for immunity article.

So why?

Firstly, ancient Egyptians were polytheists. So their traditions held that royalty should be given material provisions for the afterlife. So with that said only the best of provisions would be supplied. Then you’re probably not surprised that black seeds or black seed oil was found with Tutankhamen! Yes, in King Tutankhamen’s tomb! Maybe Nefertiti had recommended the benefits of her organic black seed oil to Tutankhamen. Moreover, it’s safe to say that the ancient Pharaohs did indeed value the blessed black seed and it’s oil. Also, let’s ponder that… They were kings and queens! Yes, royalty! Soo… So, they would have had access to the best doctors of their time!

That’s right! The black cumin isn’t just any herb!

They knew that!

But guess what! They weren’t the only ones!

Unearthing the Hittites

shield - black seed oil blog
Wooden shield in Black seed oil for immunity article.

The What? Yes! So your probably wondering who are the Hittites? In that case, don’t worry we got a short breakdown for you.

compass on map - black seed oil blog
Compass on top of a map in Black seed oil for immunity article.

Firstly, the Hittites were ancient Indo-Europeans. Secondly, they formed an empire in what is now modern day Turkey. Previously known as Anatolia. Thirdly, they were known for their advanced military technology for their time. They even took on the ancient Egyptians. Yes! Their battle with Pharaoh Ramasses II resulted in whats claimed as the first recorded peace treaty! The treaty of Kadesh.

armor - black seed oil blog
Shiny armor in Black seed oil for immunity blog.

So ok, this is all great historic action! But what does this have to do with the blessed black seed and it’s oil!?

Patience is a virtue!

Waaaait for it…

natural medication - prestige provisions
Slice of a lemon in jar in Black seed oil for immunity article.

So did you know that a modern day study recorded an unearthed Hittite pilgrim flask as containing a pure supply of black seeds! Yes and not only that but it was mixed with bee products like propolis. So this indicates to the Hittites using black seeds for medicinal reasons. Or as a treatment for illnesses. Or even for generally enhancing immunity!

black seeds in bowl - prestige provisions
Black Seeds in a bowl in Black seed oil for immunity article.

Indeed, that being in Ancient Anatolia, over 3000 years ago!

So yet again another positive review for black seeds!

But of course we’re not done yet!

Other Historic References of the Blessed Black Seed

ancient ruins - prestige provisions
Ancient structure in Black seed oil for immunity article.

So now that we’ve gained more traction… Let’s keep pedaling on! But this time more into the future, leaving ancient Egyptians and Hittites in the past. But was the blessed black seed and it’s oil a short-lived fascination? Or is there true longevity to this legacy. So did it last?

The Black Seed Promoted by Greek Physicians

ancient greek origins of black seed oil
Old building in Black seed oil for immunity article.

So Hippocrates (of Kos – Greece). Also known as “the father of western or modern medicine”. Also renowned physician. And guess what? Yes! Yet another promoter of black seeds! However, he referred to black seeds then as Melanthion. Nevertheless, it is reported that Hippocrates used black seed oil to solve issues of the digestive system. Also, to strengthen the liver. Likewise to treat skin rashes and abscesses (very painful!!). Additionally, the common cold and head infections. And even scorpion stings and snake bites!

ancient greek building in black seed oil for immunity article
ancient ruins in black seed oil for immunity article

Along with Hippocrates, Pedanius Dioscorides (another ancient Greek physician). So he described a wealth of benefits derived from Melanthion (or black seeds). This is in his landmark De Materia Medica, translated to “On Medical Material”. More specifically, he praised black seeds for their effectiveness in treating many illnesses. So he valued the influence of black seeds on conditions of the skin, toothaches and respiratory difficulties. Additionally, he found black seeds beneficial not just for topical usage (on the skin). But for internal consumption also.

old chambers - black seed oil blog
Stony room in Black seed oil for immunity blog.
Safeguard your immunity!

So once more black seeds prove their worth! Yes, more recommendations! And not just from anyone. No! but from world leaders (of their time). Thus adding clout to the black seed legacy! A legacy of safeguarding immunity!

But your immune system isn’t something to safeguard half-hearted. So, let’s not get complacent. Rather, let’s intensify our research and explore more. Moreover, we’ve yet to get into our up and coming modern day findings! But before we get all 21st Century. Yes, back into the future… The years of esoteric chemistry… Let’s firstly look into another historic founder of medicine.

The Canon of Medicine and Ibn Sina’s Black Seed Bullets!!
book shelves with books - black seed oil for immunity blog
Bookshelf in Black seed oil for immunity article.

So you’re probably wondering who is Ibn Sina. Or ابن سينا in Arabic. So who is he? Right? Well, he’s not as famous as King Tut or Queen Cleo. That’s for sure! But guess what! He has another name you may know… Wait for it… Avicenna! Yes! From the medieval Persian era! Also considered the father of early modern medicine. So does that ring a bell? No? No problems. But did you know that Ibn Sina or Avicenna was not only a recognized physician. But he was also another backer of the of the blessed black seed! For indeed, is the author of ‘The Canon of Medicine‘. Also called Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb القانون في الطب. But that’s in Arabic. Likewise known as,The Code of Laws in Medicine. So in his book, Ibn Sina highlighted some benefits from black seeds.

black seed or cumin in container next to fruit - prestige provisions
Black seeds and fruits in Black seed oil for immunity article.

So what did he find?

Black Seeds: A Medieval Painkiller and Anti-Inflammatory

Firstly, Avicenna or Ibn Sina found black seeds to have different functions. For instance, black seeds work as an anti-inflammatory. Also an analgesic (posh for painkiller). Amazing! Right? But wheres the catch..? That’s right! Black seeds are great but which illnesses did they treat?

Excellent question!

So we gotta look a little closer to uncover Ibn Sina’s black seed findings!

Ibn Sina’s Black Seed Findings

So Ibn Sina found the blessed black seed a beneficial anti-inflammatory. Notably in issues of Arthralgia. In other words joint pain! However, this was observed when black seeds were consumed orally.

black seed oil one small container - prestige provisions
Black Seed Oil presented in a tiny container – Black Seed Oil For Immunity Article.

Also, Ibn Sina found black seeds as effective painkillers! Bring in instances black seeds were used locally. Meaning, applied directly to the area needing treatment. So this was noted in the following ailments:

Additionally, Ibn Sina recommended use of Nigella seeds to improve the body’s energy levels. Also he recommended it for support during recovery from fatigue and dispiritedness.

n. sativa flower for black seed oil blog
Flower of the Nigella sativa – plant of Black Seed Oil – Black Seed Oil For Immunity Article.
So there you have it! Another testimonial from a historic professional!

Furthermore, Botnick and others (2012) have positive conclusions regarding black seeds. Also Salem (2005). And likewise, Tembhurne, Feroz, More and Sakarkar (2014). So what did they conclude? They attested to N. sativa oil or black seed oil as used by Ibn Sina. So this was to relieve asthenia and lethargy. Also to stimulate the metabolism. Eureka! Moreover, you may already know that a healthy metabolism is pivotal to a strong immune response!

And Yes! The list does really go on! But let’s suffice here! Just a quick summary… Yes! Let’s re-cap our historic benefits of the blessed black seed and it’s oil. So check this out…

So here’s a summarized list of our benefits we’ve covered on black seeds and it’s oil:

Black Seeds & It’s Oil For Immunity: A Memorable Mentioning

memory of building - prestige provisions
Amazing buildings with beautiful trees in black seed oil for immunity blog.
  • Secondly, black seed oil was used to solve issues related to:
    • The digestive system.
    • Strengthening the liver.
    • Treating rashes of the skin.
    • Treating abscesses.
    • The common cold.
    • Head infections.
    • Scorpion stings and snake bites.
    • Toothaches.
    • Respiratory difficulties (The Black Seed Promoted by Greek Physicians).
  • Thirdly, black seeds were found to be a beneficial anti-inflammatory in regards to joint pain. Also, black seeds were recorded as effective in treating the following ailments:
    • Earache. Pain inside the ear.
    • Abdominal pain.
    • Hemorrhoids or swollen veins in your lower rectum.
    • Anal fissures or tear in the skin of the anal canal.
    • Genital Sores in the area (Scroll-up to: Ibn Sina’s Black Seed Findings).
raindrops on leaves in black seed oil for immunity article
raindrops on leaves in black seed oil for immunity article.

So there you have it! A brief summary of some historical benefits of the black seed and it’s oil! And Yes! Really there’s more! We could get into the likes of Hieronymus Bock. Indeed, he mentioned the N. sativa seeds extensively in his New Kreutterbuch. Or New Kreüterbuch, meaning ‘Plant Book’. But instead of that… Rather, let’s try to understand exactly why the N. sativa and it’s black seeds and oil have such an illuminated legacy? So what are the major benefits of black seed oil for immunity?

Black Seed Oil For Immunity: A Physical Fortress

helmets - black seed oil blog
Advanced military helmets in black seed oil for immunity article.

But hold on a sec… Firstly, let’s learn exactly what is immunity?

So if you was to type in ‘Black Seed Oil For Immunity’. Or rather just ‘Immunity’ by itseif. You’d probably find a range of definitions! Right? But before you do, check out our concise breakdown for you:

  • Firstly, immunity here is concerned with the human body’s immune system. Therefore, immunity is the state of resistance from disease.

Secondly, well that’s it in a nutshell! And of course… Yes! There’s really a lot more to immunity than two lines can express. But let’s leave that for another illuminating article of the P R E S T I G E| R E S E R V O I R.

Now back to black seed oil…

black seed oil bottle and flower
Black Seed Oil Dropper Bottle – Black Seed Oil For Immunity Article.

So what has modern day research ascertained? Additionally, and more deeply… Let’s discover what’s actually inside the blessed black seed! Also let’s ask is black seed oil really so beneficial for immunity?!

Black Seeds Under a Magnifying Glass…
Kalonji seeds in a jar - prestige provisions
Black seeds in jar. In black seed oil for immunity blog.

So is it a bird? Or is it a plane..? Err, no make-believe here. Rather, it’s non-fiction we are after. So we’ll let the academics tell it as it is. Indeed Mohammad A Randhawa (and others) report black seeds as containing the following compounds:


black oil
Dark liquid in Black seed oil for immunity blog.

Firstly: Thymohydroquinone or THQ has been reported as having:

“diverse biological activities.

Secondly, THQ is the second most prominent compounds of black cumin seeds (black seeds). Also black seed oil. Thirdly and amazingly THQ has significant antitumor activity. Hopefully a huge breakthrough in the fight against cancer.


cinnamon and cardamon - prestige provisions
cinnamon and cardamon in black seed oil for immunity blog.

Secondly: Thymol, (another beneficial compound found in black seeds). So thymol is a colorless crystalline and dietary monoterpene phenol. Sorry come again? Nah, let’s talk plain old England’s English! So what does academic research report regarding thymol’s benefits?

Indeed studies have shown thymol to possess the following properties:

Anti-inflammatory and antiphlogistic
flower of n sativa origin of black seed oil
flower of N sativa origin of black seed oil.
Analgesic (pain-reliving)
Antiepileptogenic and Anticonvulsant

Firstly, epileptogenesis describes the process by which a normal brain is transformed into epileptic brain. Thus, developing epilespy. Therefore, capable of spontaneous seizures.

So an antiepileptogenic agent works to inhibit the development of epilepsy.

Secondly, anticonvulsants are agents used in treating epileptic seizures. Furthermore they have been recorded as preventing the spread of seizures within the brain. Also, anticonvulsants are being used to treat borderline personality disorder (BDP). As well as bipolar disorder. This is as many anticonvulsants seem to stabilize moods.

wound healing

Also, studies have shown Thymol as:


black seeds served with meal
Bowl of soup next to bowl of black seeds. In black seed oil for immunity article.

Thirdly: Dithymoquinone or (DTQ) is another compound found in black cumin seed (Nigella sativa) and is reported as being beneficial for human health.

Other beneficial compounds in black seeds

Kalonji seeds in bowl on table - prestige provisions
Vegetables on table with oil in a bottle and plate of food. In black seed oil for immunity article.
So other beneficial compounds found in black seeds include:
nigella sativa and petals for black seed oil
Nigella sativa plant (flower) of black seed oil Immunity Article.
So yes this amazing list just keeps going!

But what more could possibly be added, right? Right! Well a lot more! So here’s more beneficial substances found in black seeds:

Saponins and minerals such as:

Firstly, let’s clarify what are the general health benefits of saponins and minerals?

So in terms of general health-promoting effects. Then, saponins are reported as anti-inflammatory and immune modulating. Also saponins are recorded as cholesterol decreasing, anti-microbial… As well as anti-carcinogenic (or anti-cancer).

As for minerals. Generally speaking they have many different important roles with our bodies. For instance, minerals are important for keeping our heart working properly. As well as our brain and muscles too. Whilst also being important for healthy bones. Additionally minerals are so key to making hormones and enzymes.

hammer for protecting immunity - prestige provisions
Hammer in black seed oil for immunity article.
  • Iron. Also known as mineral Fe. So just as it’s namesake in terms of metal & strength, iron really is iron. Especially when concerned with our bodies. Furthermore, the benefits of iron can go unnoticed up until a person starts to not get enough. So iron assists in maintaining many crucial functions in the human body. Firstly, these include regulation of the human body temperature. Secondly, the gastrointestinal process or the digestion system. Thirdly, general energy and focus. Finally and importantly, the immune system.
  • Alpha-hederin. This saponin is attested by academics to be a potential anti-cancer.
More Amazing Minerals Found in Black Seeds:
golden bananas high in potassium - prestige provisions
Branded banana image in black seed oil for immunity article.
  • Potassium. Also known as mineral K. So potassium is one of the most crucial minerals in our bodies. Also it benefits a range of key bodily functions. For instance, potassium helps to regulate nerve signals and muscle contractions. Additionally, a high-potassium diet may even help to protect against kidney stones and strokes.
  • Zinc. Also known as mineral Zn. So zinc is important to the body in various ways. From them, is our sense of smell and taste. Also zinc is important to wound healing. Likewise, zinc aids our immunity and metabolic function.
amazing waterfalls - prestige provisions
amazing waterfalls in black seed oil for immunity blog.
Even More Essential Substances Found in Black Seeds:
  • Copper. Also known as mineral Cu. So long with iron , copper aids the human body in forming red blood cells. An absolutely essential part of human immunity. Verily, red blood cells provide blood with oxygen all around the body. Even to the major organs! Furthermore, red blood cells help in removing carbon dioxide, bringing it to our lungs when we exhale.

    So we need red blood cells for every breathe. And that’s about 20,000 odd breathes a day! So with that said, the fact that red blood cells live for approximately 120 days means making more is crucial to our health!

    Also, copper assists in maintaining healthy bones, nerves, blood vessels and immune function. Finally, research has reported sufficient copper in ones diet as aiding in preventing cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis (bone loss).
fruits with benefits - prestige provisions
fruits with benefits in black seed oil for immunity article.
  • Vitamin A. So this organic compound is an essential compound that aids eyesight. It can also help lower risks in certain forms of cancer. Such as bladder and lung cancer. Furthermore, vitamin A is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system.

    For instance, vitamin A is involved in the function and production of white blood cells. So these internal warriors assist in capturing and clearing harmful bacteria from our bloodstream.

Therefore a deficiency in vitamin A can weaken our natural defenses. Thus, your susceptibility to infections and illnesses could increase! Also any hope of recovery could be delayed!

Furthermore, correcting vitamin A deficiencies in countries where malaria and measles are common, has been shown to decrease the risk of death!

Likewise, vitamin A also reduces your risk of acne (a persistent, inflammatory skin disorder). Additionally, your consumption of enough vitamin A is necessary for good bone health. Solid! In fact, people with lower levels of vitamin A are at greater risk of bone fractures.

Additionally and amazingly, vitamin A promotes healthy Reproduction. It also promotes healthy growth. Yes! So vitamin A is essential for preserving healthy reproductive systems. Both in males and females! Furthermore, some studies have shown that sperm development can be blocked. That being in cases of vitamin A deficiencies. Even causing infertility!Additionally, its aids healthy growth and development of embryos. Some studies have suggested, vitamin A deficiency to reduce female egg quality.

In pregnant women, vitamin A is also involved in the growth and development of many major organs and structures of the unborn child, including the skeleton, nervous system, heart, kidneys, eyes, lungs and pancreas.

  • Vitamin C. Also known as ascorbate and ascorbic acid. So vitamin C assist many important biological functions in our bodies. For instance, vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen. Yes! Collagen accounts for approximately one-third of our bodies protein composition! So vitamin C is needed for building healthy bones, skin, ligaments, tendons and muscles! Furthermore, vitamin C aids the repair and maintenance of cartilage, teeth and bones. Likewise, vitamin C assists in healing wounds.
beneficial berries - prestige provisions
beneficial berries in black seed oil for immunity article.
More amazingly, a recent study concluded that a daily dosage of vitamin C can prevent certain types of cataracts!!
  • Phosphorus. Also known as mineral P. So phosphorous is important to the body in many ways. For instance, phosphorous aids the body to make ATP. This is the molecule the body uses to store energy. Likewise, phosphorous is needed for making proteins.
  • Thiamine. Also known as thiamin or vitamin B1. So this essential compound enables our bodies to use carbohydrates as energy. Additionally, it has a vital role in our heart, muscle and nerve functions.

Finally, niacin helps to protect skin from sun damage.

Also, some research suggests niacin (or vitamin B3) may help to prevent certain types of cancer!
close up of lemons in black seed for immunity article
close up of lemons in black seed for immunity article

Nevertheless, there still is at least one more amazing compound to mention.

Arguably the most important compound in the blessed black seed and it’s oil.

So let’s get into it!


laboratory containers on close-up zoom
Lab image in black seed oil for immunity article.

Lastly: Thymoquinone, pronounced: Thy-mow-queue-none and arguably the crème de la crème of the blessed black seed’s organic ingredients. So let’s just relay it as the academics have written:

“Thymoquinone: an emerging natural drug with a wide range of medical applications…”

Furthermore, Kurt G. Naber and his colleagues of the universities of Marburg, Munich and Isra respectively explain in their own words:

“The clinically relevant and most studied active constituent of Nigella sativa is TQ.”


So these academics further attest to the TQ having amazing attributes. They consider it possess the following effects:

Kurt G. Naber and his team also dub the individual actions of all four of these aforementioned effects as crucial in efforts aimed at overcoming the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Serious Conclusions!

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But let’s take an educated guess, you want to know what is this TQ!?



TQ: A Beneficial Insight

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So TQ or Thymoquinone is a dietary phytochemical and the most important active compound of black seed oil. Also many properties of N. sativa are attributed to TQ.

Further, and additional to the testimony of the aforementioned academics, other research has shown Thymoquinone (TQ) to have the following effects:

Also, TQ has gastroprotective (protecting against diseases of the stomach), hepatoprotective (preventing liver damage), nephroprotective (preserving kidney function) and neuroprotective (preventing death of nerve cells) activities.

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Additionally, Thymoquinone has shown positive effects in the treatment of bone complications, fibrosis, cardiovascular disorders, reproductive disorders, diabetes and respiratory illnesses. In addition to these great accolades, a considerable amount of data shows that TQ has no serious toxicity and very low adverse effects. Finally, Thymoquinone’s anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory has further been supported.

WOOOW!! So with all these amazing functions, it’s no wonder black seeds are referred to as blessed!

But Which Type Of Black Seed Has The Most TQ?

So in a recent study by Al-Saleh, many types of black cumin seed (black seed) from different countries of origin were investigated. This study found the values of TQ as well as Thymol (THY) in black seeds as follows:

  • Ethiopian: TQ = 3098.5 mg/kg and THY = 230.6 mg/kg.
  • India: TQ = 2362.8 mg/kg and THY =201.16 mg/kg.
  • Saudi Arabia: TQ = 2250.6 mg/kg and THY = 133.88 mg/kg.
  • Syria: TQ = 1371.9 mg/kg and THY = 120.4 mg/kg.
  • Sudan: TQ = 1274.6 mg/kg and THY = 113.40 mg/kg.

So these results show Ethiopian black seeds as the clear winner! So it’s no wonder that Ethiopian black seeds are considered the best in the black seed market!

Also it’s no wonder that academics support the notion of TQ itself being developed as a drug!! So let’s take one last ground-breaking study and then breakdown what our findings conclude…

A Bout with the Breakout: Coronavirus (Covid-19) an Academic Study

Furthermore, a very recent study has concluded that a combination of honey and black seeds (or black cumin, Nigella sativa) significantly improved mortality, symptoms and viral clearance in Coronavirus COVID-19 patients. Thus, together black seeds and honey represent an affordable and accessible therapy. So these natural remedies can either be used alone or in combination with other treatments for stronger effects against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Black Seed Oil for immunity: A Fortress or Fable?

So yes, black seed oil specifically and black seeds generally are very popular. Especially in usage within traditional systems of medicine like Siddha, Unani, Tibb and Ayurveda. Indeed Nigella sativa’s black seeds and black seed oil have a long history of folklore usage. But we didn’t stop there!!

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Black cumin seeds with fruits black seed oil for immunity article.

Rather, we established black seeds and it’s oil have gained traction in the medical world. But is black seed oil for or against immunity? So in order to answer this categorically let’s return to the definition of immunity:

‘Immunity is the state of resistance from disease.’

But shouldn’t we also consider it’s safety?

Especially when ingested?

Of course we should! 

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So toxicity studies have reported that N. sativa and it’s oil are safe. particularly when ingested orally.

So after reading the utter plethora of recorded instances of the blessed black seed and it’s oil benefiting various areas of human health. Not to leave of mentioning that the N. sativa (the plant black seed oil comes from) may constitute a good approach in preventing cancer! As concluded by Arshad H. Rahmani, Mohammad A. Alzohairy, Masood A. Khan, and Salah M. Aly. So yes most definitely! Black seed oil for immunity is sound! Also we can support this with the following general notion, as reported in another academic paper in the journal of food and health science:

“Studies indicate that N. sativa seeds and its” components have a positive effect on health.
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Nigella sativa plant of Black Seed Oil origin – Black Seed Oil For Immunity Article.

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