Truffle Juice Eye Drops

Aka Truffle Water Eye Drops… 100% Raw Truffle Juice For Eyes has been used to successfully treat both acute & chronic eye diseases. Whilst, also maintaining general eye health.

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Truffle Juice has been successfully used to treat:

• Dry eye syndrome.
• Nearsightedness (Myopia).
• Farsightedness (Hyperopia).
• Leukoma.
• Glaucoma.
• Trachoma.
• Cross-eyed (Strabismus).
• Retinitis Pigmentosa.
• Other eye diseases.

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Truffle Juice Eye Drops

Truffle Juice For Eyes • Suggested Usage

Simply, place one truffle juice drop once or twice a day into the affected eye/s. There may be a normal burning sensation for a few seconds.

Truffle Juice For Eyes • Storage Guidelines

So, due to the pure nature truffle juice water… And the fact that it has no artificial preservatives at all… It must be stored well. So, never heat! Rather, store the truffle juice strictly in the freezer or refrigerator (see below). This is because, as a natural product it may be susceptible to oxidation. When in doubt of freshness, try the taste. Spoiled truffle juice has a sour taste.

• 25 days in the refrigerator.
• 1-2 years in the freezer.

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