White Sainfoin Honey From Kyrgyzstan

Natural Kyrgyzstan Sidr Honey

Free from pesticides, herbicides and additives. Simply pure Yemeni Sidr Honey Wholesale… As it should be. Raw and naturally pure.

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Legacy: Prestigious Kyrgyzstani Sainfoin Honey

Yemeni Sidr Honey is one of the world’s finest grades of honey. Boasting a rich heritage which has given it global recognition and ample value. Yes! Due to it’s irresistible taste, potency, rarity and broad health benefits, Yemeni Sidr Honey is considered a delicacy in Yemen and across the globe!

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Exquisite Taste | Holistic Medicinal Benefits

White Sainfoin Honey From Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstani Mountains Sainfoin Honey

So unlike other areas of the world, Hadramaut boasts vast land areas where it’s historic sidr tree flourishes! Yes! The expansive Hadrami Valleys… Such as the famous Doani Valley. And likewise the Valleys of ‘Ayn and Ahmed are all pristine areas for Yemeni Sidr Honey cultivation. Thus making Yemen a leading producer of Sidr Honey Wholesale globally.

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Premium Wholesale Sainfoin Honey

So take your opportunity… And join Elite Honey Sellers that offer their valued consumers exceptional sidr honey. Leave no room for economy graded goods. Rather assist your deserving customers to overcome the various health issues that Yemeni Sidr Honey assists to alleviate!

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Prestigious White Sainfoin Honey Benefits

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Authentic Wholesale Sainfoin Honey

As for PRESTIGE | PROVISIONS we stand by the authenticity of our produce. And we know that it makes no business sense to sell inferior goods in an alternative medicine industry. Furthermore, this goes against our ethos of providing real natural remedies & nutraceuticals. And with this pledge, we thereby hope the end consumer will benefit from the medicinal benefits of our premium produce. Thus our goods are aimed at being alternatives to allopathic (modern) medicines… Real natural remedies in truth!

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White Sainfoin Honey From Kyrgyzstan